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HoHC South

ECC Family Note

HoHC South is a House of His Creation Family Living Safe Foster Home for teen girls who are removed from Commercial Sexual Exploitation

House of His Creation is in the process of expanding our services to exploited girls by opening a Safe Home in 2023. House of His Creation has been open to and has served adult women escaping Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and abuse alongside of our maternity housing program. These encounters are leading us to expand our ministry to CSEC survivors by opening a Safe Home for teen girls 14-22 in the state of Florida. We will be able to serve CSEC girls individually, pregnant or parenting.  In otherwords we will continue to offer maternity/mother child care in this new endeavor. This is the age group HOHC was serving for over 30 years. 

In our ongoing research we have found that North West Florida is an area where awareness and need come together. We have found open doors to work within the state. We are working towards having outside animals, greenhouse and art & craft area. It has been impressed upon us that location near the ocean is important, and moving south where the seasons are less defined, so a location with reasonable proximity to the beach. We have found all this and are starting the process of prepping to serve girls. 

We have a home! Thank you to JBT in Lititz for working with us to get financing to purchase our new property!  

May 2022, Matthew Neff and JBT team member


The Neff family started serving with HoHC as houseparents in our original teen mom program in Lititz prior to becoming directors. They have since been part of navigating several changes in location and growing into being a trauma informed organization able to serve women and teens out of hard places.The Neff family has moved from our current Lititz Maternity Home to the new HoHC South location. This was the first step after purchasing the property.

The Neff's are settling into the new location, connecting to local resources and service providers as they start a renovation and expansion process on the house and the journey to be licensed as a Safe Foster Home. This is happening while the Neff children attend school, their oldest starts college classes, and Matthew and Callie start training to work with CSE teens. If you want to hear more of our journey check out Callie's blog on our website. CALLIE'S BLOG

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5 Neffs 

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This is an additional program of House of His Creation and we will continue to work as a unified team to serve women in Lititz and girls at HoHC South.


CLICK HERE TO READ Loving the Unlovable by Life Issues Institute President Bradley Mattes


We do have some specific needs for the house and property:

HoHC South Amazon Wish List

Psalm 68:5 -6a
A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families-

Financial gifts may be designated for HoHC South and those funds will go towards the purchase of the property and expansion. 


HoHC South 2

We have significant financial needs to cover the building expansion, decorating of the rooms, setting up the property for full use.

$750,000 is the estimated total cost to complete this project and be ready to welcome girls into the house.

If interested in giving specifically to the building and expansion project please contact Matthew Neff, or call 717-824-9569.